Leap 2k16| JoshTalks

What is JoshTalks ?

Josh Talks is an annual conference that takes place in Delhi every year and brings together dynamic individuals from the fields of entrepreneurship, social activism, stand up comedy, business, performing arts and more onto one stage. The event is attended by 1500- 2000 people from the age group of 16- 25 years.

What’s Leap 2016 ?

Over 2 days, we will showcase 24 inspiring, thought-provoking stories delivered by achievers from technology, science, conservation, politics, sports, and the arts. Come and get an insight into some of the remarkable outcomes brought about by a combination of fresh ideas, optimism, and tireless creative energy.

My words 😁

I also applied for the passes of this event. Two days later on, I got an email from them which writes ” Congratulations Tarun, to be a part of this event. Given below is you unique ticket Id. You have to carry a screenshot of this email for verification purposes “. I was thinking of all the small events that are going to boost me up.

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